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Intelligent Character
Recognition (ICR)

Handwriting recognition
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AI-based Recommendation
Cluster Processing
Automatic scoring
Intelligent Automatic Item


Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)

A machine learning technique, which triggered a rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI).
It enables highly-accurate recognition and is applicable to automated driving system, medial technologies, and wider fields.
Recommendation Engine

CAERA: Collaborative Adaptive Engine for Recommendation and Analysis
General-purpose recommendation engine based on machine learning
High-performance engine that combines various methods and characteristics of recommendation
Natural Language
Process (NLP)

Technology which enables computers to process natural languages.
It enables analysis of texts and can be used to develop auto scoring, auto translation, and dialogue systems.
Voice Recognition Engine

LSTM: Long Short-Term Memory
LSTM is attracting attention as a very powerful prediction model for time-series data and as an effective method in fields such as speech recognition and character recognition.
Item Response Theory(IRT)

In the Item Response Theory, the difficulty of questions and the ability of examinees are grasped separately and the examinees' ability is estimated using probability theory such as by "the response rate among respondents with a certain ability to a question with a certain difficulty is X%."
Adaptive Engine

With a computer, the next question is varied according to the examinee’s response. This computerized adaptive testing (CAT) enables short-time testing and highly accurate measurement of examinees


Ephesoft Inc.
RPA Technologies, Inc.
ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation
WingArc1st Inc.
Box, Inc.


Who We Are

DoubleYard is an AI solutions company that spun out from EduLab in 2018. We have extensive experience with handwriting recognition, speech recognition, natural language processing, face and gaze detection, recommendation engines and more.

Our product DeepRead [] is a leader in the handwriting recognition industry. The AI engine onboarded benefits from massive data from various sectors including finance, government, healthcare and education.
Most common use cases are reading of application forms, claims, invoice billing, check clearing, questionnaires, surveys, customer / employee onboarding...

DeepRead maintains high level security for all types of deployment including Cloud, On-premise and Hybrid.
Output data can be simply downloaded in CSV files or integrated with various systems such as RPA, IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) or directly into ERP.

Our Team

DoubleYard’s management team is comprised of industry experts who have excelled in their field, are passionate about solving problems by cutting-edge technology, and committed to our customers’ and partners’ success.


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